Launched in 2020, Galleria Parfums aims to create an artistic expression through scent. Fragrance has long been a source of inspiration for art due to its emotive nature and has inspired generations of artists and creators. From poetry to paintings, movies to artistic masterpieces, scent creates memorable moments for the creator, wearer and those experiencing the creation around us resulting in an intimate connection between emotions, memories and scents. This is why memories triggered by scents are experienced as more emotional and more evocative.

At Galleria Parfums, we aim to create olfactive memories that will inspire you to cherish those important experiences and moments in life through scent, and above all, bring out the best in you.

Galleria parfums transports you to a world where art meets scent to create fragrant memories that will be cherished for times to come.

Hayan Merchant – Chief Executive Officer

With extensive experience as an entrepreneur and a leader in a wide set of business sectors and industries, Hayan Merchant sits on the board of a number of companies involved in media, hospitality, leisure, tourism, education, real estate development and advisory. Hayan Merchant has been ranked in the ’Power 25 – Shaping the future of Middle East Business’ by the renowned publication group, The Times UK, alongside other renowned regional business and government leaders. Born into a family business with global reach, his family business interests include owning one of the largest media and marketing companies in the Middle East and Africa, in addition to large scale property and hospitality investments with renowned international brands and business partners. Hayan Merchant is a regular international speaker and has spoken at a host of major international events, such as Fortune’s Global Forum, the Forbes Global CEO Conference, the World Economic Forum, on varied topics including public-private partnerships and social entrepreneurship.

Hayan holds a Honors BSC Graduate Degree in Management Sciences from Warwick Business School, UK, and a LLM Masters Degree in Corporate and Commercial Law from Kings College, London, UK and has undertaken numerous executive management courses at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, USA; the Michigan Ross School of Business, USA; the Columbia Business School, USA, and the Center for Creative Leadership, USA

Ashton Kirkland – Creative Director

Ashton Kirkland is the founder of the most viewed fragrance channel based in North America. Ashton possesses unmatched experience in high quality fragrances with his Gents Scents channel having approximately 15 million views per year with an international audience. Ashton not only has experience in studying and reviewing new launches, but his personal collection spans more than 2000 bottles including niche, indie, designer and discontinued fragrances.

Ashton’s first fragrance memory is with his father wearing Ralph Lauren Polo Green, and Ashton’s first fragrance of choice was Drakkar Noir. Over many years Ashton’s interest developed in fragrances leading him to study the field of perfumery in detail and today he is the most watched fragrance expert in the United States.

It is this experience that Ashton combines at Galleria Parfums with master perfumers in helping deliver high quality olfactive experiences creating memorable scents.